Nintendo Acquired a Company to Help Improve Sales

Nintendo is going to be making huge decisions from here on out. This is a fact considering that the Nintendo Wii U didn’t live up to expectations, resulting in massive losses for the entertainment company.

Nintendo is set to release their upcoming game console, the Nintendo NX, in March of 2017 and although details were sparse regarding the next big game console, Nintendo is making moves ensuring the successful release and distribution of the Nintendo NX.

Just recently, Nintendo Acquired a Japanese distributor, Jesnet. According to reports, Nintendo acquired 70% of the total shares of the company and is now Nintendo’s subsidiary.

Now, for the people who do not know, what exactly is Jesnet? Well, Jesnet has been long-time partners with Nintendo and they are one of the biggest distributors in Japan.

Most of Nintendo’s products are being distributed by the said company and it is only fitting that Nintendo bought most of its shares.

According to the statement released by Nintendo, they acquired Jesnet because they want to continually provide “many smiles to people across the world through products and services”.

Nintendo went on to say “to continue to produce an unprecedented level of fun, Nintendo has worked to produce products that anyone can enjoy; regardless of their age, gender, or past gaming experience. At the same time, Jesnet and Ajioka (a Japanese video game wholesale retailer) have been the largest-scale companies dedicated to handling Nintendo products in Japan for many years; selling mainly video game systems through their nationwide distribution network”.

Aside from what has been said in the statement, Nintendo acquired Jesnet because it wants the company to be a subsidiary and that Nintendo intends to have an integrated system with Jesnet.

Lastly, the Entertainment company aims to improve the distribution of sales because of the acquisition of Jesnet.

Now, this news brings something interesting to the fore. Jesnet is Nintendo’s partner when it comes to distribution of Nintendo’s video game systems in Japan. Could this new acquisition change that to the extent that Jesnet will not only release Nintendo’s products in Japan but also worldwide?

Furthermore, a lot of people speculate that if Jesnet is only going to be distributing locally (in Japan), the acquisition might not impact Nintendo very well in the global market.

But for me, I really think that this new acquisition meant something for the global market. The Nintendo NX has been hyped up because of all the rumors and also because of the fact that the entertainment company hasn’t unveiled it yet.

Furthermore, there are a lot of interesting games that will be released alongside Nintendo’s upcoming game console such as Dragon Quest 10 and, of course, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Because things are really going well for the Nintendo NX, it is only fitting that the acquisition of Jesnet aims to improve the distribution of Nintendo’s products to the worldwide consumer market.

Will the acquisition of Jesnet improve Nintendo’s sales worldwide? Only time will tell.