Mega Man X2 Game for the SNES

When I was still in elementary school, my brother introduced me to a really cool Super Nintendo game. It was called “Mega Man X2” and it featured this cool character name Mega Man.

The Mega Man X2 Game for the SNES is about Mega Man saving the world from maverick “Reploids”. Reploids were intelligent robots that were once very peaceful, up until they went maverick and threatened to rule over the world.

Mega Man is to defeat enemy bosses and to retain the peace of the land. Mega Man is a “Maverick Hunter” and that he has a slew of weapons to help him defeat the enemy.

The main protagonist of the game is the android “Sigma”. Together with the evil trio the “X-Hunters”, they tried to lure Mega Man into a trap by giving Mega Man some body parts of his fallen comrade, Zero. Zero died battling Sigma, but Sigma was too strong and therefore, was ultimately killed in their conflict.

As mentioned earlier, the X-Hunter taunted Mega Man by giving out three body parts of his fallen comrade, Zero. There is a slight variation of the story: if the player decides to collect all of Zero’s parts, Zero will appear in the final stage of the game. If the player decides to forget about Zero, Zero will also appear in the final stage, only this time, he will fight Mega Man instead of helping him.

The gameplay of Mega Man X2 Game for the SNES is a side-scrolling, action platform game. The player controls Mega Man and he is tasked to complete 8 stages. Each of these stages has a boss and each boss contains a new weapon for Mega Man.

Now, the player can choose any boss he wants to fight first, but if you really want it the easy way, fight bosses that can benefit you first and foremost. What I mean is that each boss’ weapon is a weakness for another boss. So for example, you got a fire weapon from a fire boss. You can then go to the ice boss because the weakness of ice is fire. By doing so, you deal double damage to that boss making the game much easier for you.

During the course of the story, an X-Hunter will randomly appear in the game. Should you fight them when they appear and you successfully defeat them, they will give you a piece of Zero’s body. Collecting all 3 will change the final outcome of the game.

Mega Man can also collect certain pieces of Armor to make him even more potent. In certain stages, there will be a pod where Dr. Light will give Mega Man an improvement in his armor. Improvements can range from increased speed, increase max damage, among others.

Also, Mega Man can cling to walls and players can jump to higher places by alternately jumping from left to right and vice versa.

This Super Nintendo Entertainment System game was well-received and it is a worthy successor to the first installment of the game.

Mega Man X2 Game for the SNES is truly a game you don’t want to miss.